Painless anesthesia

Many dread going to the dentist because of the painful anesthesia. We offer painless anesthesia with various methods.

What is painless anesthesia?
painless anesthesia

There are two kinds of pains; when the needle sticks you and when anesthesia enters. We avoid the initial pain with the topical jell that numbs the gum, and with an extremely thin needle in a less sensitive location in the gum (Image 1).

painless anesthesia

The shock of injection can also be avoided. We warm anesthesia to the body temperature, and use a specialized tool, which can inject the anesthesia slowly (Image 2).

Needless syringe, Syriget

Syriget (Image 3) is needles and injects anesthesia with high pressure. It works well especially for light anesthesia.


Image 4 shows the enlarged image of Syriget tip. The needles syringe helps those with needle phobia overcome their fear. It can be used for numbing the gums before deep anesthesia.

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