Attachment denture
What is an attachment denture?
attachment denture
Attachment denture

An attachment denture is a partial denture with a plug-in clasp. It provides a perfect hold and improves appearance.

attachment denture
attachment denture

The second photograph shows the teeth before the treatment. Part of a crown has a groove to insert a clasp to fasten an attachment denture.

The third photograph shows the attachment denture already in place. Because the denture is inserted without any visible clasps, it has a natural appearance.

Example of treatment
attachment denture
Before treatment

The first photograph shows the lower teeth of a patient who complained about the unfitted partial denture although the denture had been repaired many times to make adjustments. We found that the tooth that used to be fastened with a clasp became smaller. Accordingly the clasp shifted when biting.

attachment denture
After treatment

We treated all of the lower teeth using crowns and made attachment dentures. Because the attachment dentures are stable, the patient gets a perfect bite.

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