At-Home Whitening

Following the instruction given by your dentist, you conduct the whitening procedure at home. Because it whitens the teeth by decomposing the pigment, it doesn’t affect the teeth themselves.

Procedure of the at-home whitening
t-home whitening

After checking if teeth and gums are healthy, a dentist takes a precise mold of the patient’s teeth and makes a soft tray that covers the teeth. The patient then injects a bleaching gel (whitening gel) and then places the tray in the mouth for at least two to three hours each day (during the night or the day).

t-home whitening

Individual teeth respond to whitening procedures differently. Some people see results in three to four days, but it typically takes one to two weeks to see the results.

Example of treatment
t-home whitening

This patient complained about the discoloration of the teeth. Because teeth and gums are healthy, we decided to bleach both upper and lower teeth.

t-home whitening

The second photograph shows the teeth a month after the treatment was started. The teeth now look bright and clean.

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