Wireless Orthodontic (Clear aligner treatment)
What are clear braces?
clear braces

Orthodontic treatments used to require metal braces for an extended period of time. Advancement in orthodontic technology allows a patient to wear removable and invisible braces called a clear aligner. It has already been widely used in the United States.

Clear aligner is a treatment to straighten the teeth using a series of clear braces. We take an impression of the patient’s teeth and make clear braces. By wearing the braces, the teeth are gradually pulled into place millimeter by millimeter. The set of braces is changed to the next set every three to four weeks.

It will take longer to straighten the teeth than metal braces, but it is more comfortable to wear and less obvious.

Advantages of clear braces

● Invisible

A clear brace is so discreet that it is invisible from the distance.

● Simple procedure

Because no brace adjustment is needed, each visit will be very short during the treatment.

● Removable braces

A patient can easily takes the braces out during the meal.

● Comfortable

Clear aligner has no metal wire, and it is comfortable to wear. Because it is taken off during the meal, a patient does not have to worry about trapping food.

Note: There are some cases in which the patient is required to use a wire for a short time for a best result. Some patient is not susceptible to a clear aligner treatment.

Example of treatment
before treatment
Before treatment

This photograph shows teeth of a patient who would like to straighten the teeth without wearing metal braces.

after treatment
After treatment

This photograph shows the patient’s teeth after the treatment. The treatment went smoothly, and the teeth pulled into place.

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