FAQ: 3Mix-MP
3Mix-MP for deep cavities

Question: I was told that I had to have a root canal. Is it possible to avoid a root canal with 3Mix-MP?

Answer: 3Mix-MP may not be suitable for some cases. I have to examine your teeth to determine whether this method can be used.

3Mix-MP for endodontic treatment

Question: I was told that pus was built up at the ends of the roots. Is it possible to apply 3Mix-MP?

Answer: 3Mix-MP is not treatment for all dental problems. I have to examine your teeth to determine whether this method can be used.


Question: How much is the 3Mix-MP treatment?

Answer: 3Mix-MP is part of cavity treatment, and the treatment itself is generally not expensive. Fillings after the 3Mix-MP treatment may require an additional cost if upgraded fillings are chosen. Please remember that the final cost of any procedure will vary by each individual case.

Treatment schedule

Question: How many times do I have to visit the office?

Answer: It depends on a patient, but the 3Mix-MP treatment is normally complete with three office visits, following the steps below:

1.Apply 3Mix-MP at a cavity, and fill the hole with a temporary filling.

2.Grind the temporary filling, and make a mold of the tooth.

3.Replace the temporary filling with a permanent filling.

On television, you may see that the treatment completed with only one visit. Applying the 3Mix-MP treatment indeed takes only a single visit. According to Dr. Toyohiko Takushige, who developed 3Mix-MP, suggests that a temporary filling be replaced with a permanent filling within 21 days or three weeks.

3Mix-MP for baby teeth

Question: Can 3Mix-MP apply to children’s teeth, including baby teeth?

Answer: I cannot answer that question. Because Amano Dental Clinic is located in the central business district, we have no child patients. Please contact a pediatric dentist.

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