FAQ: Deep decay
Deep decay

Question: I was told that the tooth had to be removed because of the deep decay. Is there any way to avoid taking out the tooth?

Answer: I have to examine the tooth, but it is possible to treat it without extraction. We have saved many teeth by performing microscopic surgery, crown lengthening, fiber-resin core crown placement and other treatment.

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Question: I am scared of the dentist, thinking about a doctor’s reaction to my severe cavities. Will you blame me for avoiding cavity treatment?

Answer: Many dentists have treated patients with severe cavities, wondering why the patients could let the cavities that bad. Some dentists bluntly criticize patients for neglecting their teeth. In many cases, patients are reluctant to visit a dentist to avoid such a criticism from the dentist. At Amano Dental Clinic, doctors respect all patients and will never criticize any patients or conditions.

Pain management

Question: I have severe cavities, but I am afraid of pain and cannot go to a dentist. How painful will deep cavity treatment be?

Answer: Nowadays, dental treatment is by far less painful. We offer painless anesthesia with various methods.

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When anesthesia is in effect, you will not feel pain. We provide painless treatment.

Unpleasant experience

Question: Dental treatment is associated with only bad memories. I need treatment for my cavities. Is a procedure still that bad?

Answer: We have seen many patients who could not go to a dentist for many different reasons. Some are due to a very painful procedure, and some are due to a dentist attitude toward them. Recently, a procedure is by far painless. Our doctors always respect a patient no matter what case it might be.

Painless anesthesia

Question: I am afraid of the pain when receiving anesthesia. How painful is it?

Answer: Recently, anesthesia is far less painful, especially with the latest laser technology. We could avoid the initial pain by applying low energy laser before injecting anesthesia.

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Severe cavities

Question: I have a mouth full of decay. Can you treat such a severe case?

Answer: I cannot give you a definite answer unless examining the teeth. We may be able to find some treatment option for your case. Treatment options include in endodontic, gum and restorations with a core crown.

Duration of treatment

Question: How long does it take to complete severe cavities treatment?

Answer: There is no general answer. It varies by case, but we spent about 10 months for many patients with deep decay.

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