FAQ: Denture
Uncomfortable denture

Question: Although I changed dentures many times, I still do not feel comfortable. Is it normal?

Answer: Discomfort may be caused by not only the denture itself, but also other factors such as malocclusion. We have to examine your mouth and decide appropriate treatment.

Metal hooks

Question: My partial denture shows metal hooks when I open my mouth. Is there any way to remove the hooks?

Answer: Yes, dentures without metal hooks are now available.

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Denture alternatives

Question: I do not like to wear a partial denture any more. Is there any substitute for it?

Answer: Yes, a couple of options are available, but it all depends on each individual case. Possible options are a long bridge or implant, which are more comfortable than a denture.

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Without extraction

Question: I was told that my tooth had to be removed. Is there any possibility to save the tooth?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. New treatment methods are now available to avoid tooth extraction, but it is sometimes not avoidable. It all depends on each individual case.

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