Is there no cure for gingivitis!?


You don’t have to give up on gingivitis. There is a way to treat it and improve the condition.

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Treatment without extraction


A decade ago a tooth with deep decay used to be extracted. Along with the advanced dental technology most treatment aims at keeping as many teeth as possible. Various treatments have been developed in recent years.

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If you don’t feel comfortable, then you should get a second opinion.

If you are lucky, you do not need to seek a second opinion. It is not rare to question the diagnosis and treatment plan that you are receiving. If you don’t fully trust the dentist,some doctors recommend that a patient seek a second opinion.The article on the Second opinion of our clinic was published in the Sankei Shimbun.

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Do you know what a esthetic dentistry is?

Aesthetic dentistry is to make beautiful and natural looking teeth. Whitening, aligning and replacing teeth, so you can improve your smile and regain healthy teeth and gums.

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How can you treat TMJ?

One common treatment for TMJ is splints. There are other treatments. By receiving a proper diagnosis and treatment, it is possible to completely cure TMJ.

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What is an implant treatment?

An implant is an artificial tooth root surgically placed into the jawbone to mount a tooth. There are many advantages over the traditional treatment, such as bridges and dentures.

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implant treatment

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