Testimonials for Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water

This page introduces testimonials, letters and e-mails from the patients who have used Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water.

Mr. Tanaka, Ibusuki-city, Kagoshima

I saw Perfect Perio on television and purchased Perfect Perio Home Care online. I had a great deal of discomfort before, but it disappeared after I began using Perfect Perio Home Care. Everyone in my family now enjoys the feeling that we have in the morning from using Perfect Perio.

Mr. Yoshioka, Gifu-city, Gifu

My wife and I bought Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water over the Internet after reading the reviews. Since we began using Perfect Perio, we no longer have bad breath and wake up with fresh breath.

Ms. Kato, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo

I was worried about my bleeding gums. I spent more than ten minutes brushing my teeth every day, but nothing seemed to work. One day, Dr. Amano mentioned Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water. I was first bothered by strong chlorite taste, but I continued using it. One week later, my gum conditions were tremendously improved and they have almost stopped bleeding. I now feel incomplete if I do not use Perfect Perio after brushing the teeth. Because I cannot go to Amano Dental Clinic regularly to purchase Perfect Perio, the clinic mails it to my home once a month.

Mrs. Suzuki, Sakai-city, Osaka

My daughter first bought Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water online for me. I am very happy to have gotten it because my mouth does not feel sticky anymore since I started using it.

What surprised me most is that my granddaughter said, “Your mouth does not smell bad these days.” I was not aware of my bad breath although my family had noticed it for a long time. It might be too much of a stretch, but my bad breath may indirectly cause distance in relationships with my family. I am truly grateful for Perfect Perio.

Mr. Oishi, Aomiri-city, Aomori

I have a partial denture on the back bottom and implants on the front. The partial denture caused bleeding gums around the teeth that were wrapped with metal clasps.

When I saw Perfect Perio introduced on the television, I immediately bought it mail order. I soon found that rinsing the mouth with Perfect Perio gave such a refreshing feeling that I had never felt before. Shortly after starting to use it, the gums stopped bleeding. I am very happy with the results.

Mr. Tachino, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

I had suffered from bleeding gums and bad breath since I was young. I had tried every treatment that I could think of, including different types of mouthwashes, professional tooth cleaning and prescription medications. Although I felt better for a while after these treatments, the same symptoms came back. Also, my family often pointed out my bad breath, but I didn’t think that I could do anything about it.

When Dr. Amano first talked about Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water, I thought about super-oxidized water and ozone water that I have tried before. Neither of them worked for me.

Thus, it was hard to believe that periodontitis- and cavity-causing bacteria can be killed by applying Perfect Perio only ten seconds a day.

After reading the materials, I learned that the effects of Perfect Perio have been proven through university research. It seems to be a logical approach to periodontal treatment. At last, I decided to give it a try anyway.

I first started with Step 1 of the Perfect Perio periodontal treatment, Perio Treatment. When the treatment started, I saw a microscopic image of the inside of my mouth. I was shocked to see the amount of live bacteria in the mouth. After the treatment, a microscopic examination was conducted again. This time, the bacteria were gone. I was amazed to experience the Perfect Perio treatment was indeed effective, which gave me a peace of mind.

In fact, my symptoms were not so bad as I anticipated. Because it was between mild and moderate stages, the treatment was moved onto Perfect Perio Home Care after Perio Treatment. The first-time experience was awful. It has strong chlorite taste, and I felt as if I were rinsing with water from a swimming pool. By the second day, however, I became accustom to it. All in all, I am very happy about Perfect Perio because my gums have stopped bleeding and I got my fresh breath back now. I have heard that gingivitis and periodontal diseases are contagious and could be spread among family and friends. Thus, my wife and daughter are also using Perfect Perio after brushing their teeth.

Ms. Kanbara, Shimonoseki-city, Yamaguchi

I have been using Perfect Perio every morning and evening. My mouth feels fresh and clean all day long. I love Perfect Perio.

Mr. Kondo, Atsugi-city, Kanagawa

I have been worried about my bad breath for years. Frankly, I was skeptical about any results when I was introduced to Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water. I was, however, surprised that my mouth felt refreshed and my bad breath got much better after using Perfect Perio.

Mrs. Ohno, Chiba-city, Chiba

When Dr. Amano first introduced Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water to me, I could not believe him saying that cavity- and periodontitis-causing bacteria can be disinfected by applying Perfect Perio only ten seconds a day! I always took care of my teeth with a mouthwash, but I still got cavities and my gum conditions had not improved. Perfect Perio Home Care is not so expensive as I thought. It costs only 2,000 yen per bottle. So, I decided to take a leap of faith with Dr. Amano.

To be honest, I did not expect any significant results. However, I immediately saw effect on the gums. I used to wake up with a sticky mouth. A couple of days after having started to use Perfect Perio, the stickiness was gone. What surprised me more is that I even no longer have a sore throat in the morning, which was caused by dry mouth. My sore throat was perhaps associated with cavity-causing bacteria, which could be disinfected with Perfect Perio.

My husband initially laughed at my using Perfect Perio. When he tested it on his sore throat, he experienced that it indeed worked. He now bashfully chides me, “Do not run out of Perfect Perio.”

Ms. Takanashi, Niigata-city, Niigata

My 81-year-old mother complained about swollen throat and pneumonia-like symptoms, which might have caused by periodontitis-bacteria attached to her throat. Because she had excessive sweating during sleep, she had to wake up to change her clothes and do laundry many times. She was exhausted.

I did a lot of research online and found out that she exhibited the symptoms of dry mouth. Because she did not produce enough saliva to wash bacteria away, the bacteria count increased the inside of the mouth. It could contribute to her pneumonia-like symptoms. Also, she recently experienced taste changes.

For her dry mouth treatment, I ordered Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water that I found on Amano Dental Clinic website. Perfect Perio helps her reduce her night sweats, and she now sleeps well throughout the night. She thanks me for finding Perfect Perio and prolonging her good life. Only her complain now is that she sleeps too deep to wake up for her favorite late-night radio show! Worried about running out of Perfect Perio, she now faxes an order to Amano Dental Clinic by herself. I am also a fan of Perfect Perio. For me with tooth alignment problems, it is to prevent cavities. Click here to read about dry mouth (Xerostomia)

Excerpt from Ms. Takase’s blog, Oha-ku, Tokyo

Title: Dentist (March 4, 2010)

No one likes having dental treatment, right? I tried to avoid a dentist as much as I could before, but my teeth are so weak that I frequently had to go to a dentist, and especially for the last couple of years to get periodontal treatment. When I had to be at a hospital for my sick mother, I neglected to take care of myself, and consequently my teeth conditions worsened. It was Amano Dental Clinic of Toranomon, Tokyo that I found online search. I liked my previous dentist, but I was a little bit uneasy about his antiquated equipment.

I was assigned to a young beautiful female doctor in her late twenties or so. She diagnosed me with severe gingivitis. My long treatment was started immediately. One day, I somehow talked about my mother’s death after falling ill. Dr. K told me that she just had the first anniversary of her father’s death. Maybe, because she understood what it meant to lose a parent, I felt very close to her and could discuss anything with her. During the treatment, I got cancer and lost my father. Every time I had hardships, Dr. K gave me words of encouragement. Before my surgery, she even gave me a good-luck charm from a noted Buddhist temple in Shikoku. I could not find any words to express my appreciation.

Even after the treatment was over, I continue visiting Amano Dental Clinic for regular check ups. Recently, I was introduced to a new gingivitis preventative mouthwash product called Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water. I just have to rinse my mouth with two caps of Perfect Perio solution for only ten seconds. The taste is unpleasant, but the gums look drastically better. Because it is not harmful to the body, it is safe for everybody, including the elderly.

It has been almost three months since I first used Perfect Perio. My gum condition has improved. It also works for the prevention of colds if used to gargle. Dentists use Perfect Perio undiluted solution for in-clinic treatment. Unfortunately, Perfect Perio products are currently sold only at a limited number of dental clinics. I think that Perfect Perio should be used for oral hygiene or on cold prevention in nursing home residents. I would like all periodontal patients to try this product. It is said that chewing with your own teeth can slow down the brain aging process. Regardless, we all should take care of the teeth. I believe that it was my late parents’ guidance to meet Dr. K.

E-mail from Mr. Sakagami, Soka-city, Saitama

Happy New Year and best regards to you. I was lucky to get to know Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water in 2010. I am always looking forward to reading Dr. Amano’s mailing list and learning more about the teeth and oral health issues. I am very happy that Perfect Perio was patented in 2009, and I cannot wait to see bacteriolysis of periodontitis-causing bacteria. I hope that I will be able to get treated by Dr. Amano soon.

Excerpt from Mr. Watase’s letter, Atsugi-city, Kanagawa

I visited a dentist near my house because my bottom left tooth was swollen. The dentist told me, “The gums are infected and filled with pus.” The treatment was burning the infected gum tissue with laser and inserting an antibiotic to reduce the swelling. I received the treatment once a week, but the symptoms did not get better. Because I could not foresee the end of the treatment, I stopped going there. Six months later, the gums got swollen again. I went to another dentist this time.

The new dentist said, “Because bone under the gum lines had partially dissolved, the bone structure started to be destructed. While cleaning up the surrounding area, let’s figure out where to go from here.” Again, I started once-a-week office visit.

In the meanwhile, I heard about Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water. While receiving the treatment, I started using Perfect Perio at home without telling my dentist. Shortly after, the swollen gums and pus that did not go away with any other treatment were cured, and my office visits were no longer needed. I will continue using Perfect Perio to keep healthy gums.

Ms. Oshida, Maebashi-city, Gunma

Thank you for the consultation about my daughter’s bad breath the other day. She is having a lot of stress from entrance exams and suffered from lack of sleep. You pointed out that she has a dry mouth, which could cause bad breath. After she started trying to keep inside of the mouth clean with Perfect Perio, her breath seems to disappear. I appreciate your diagnosis.

When I recently felt like I was getting a cold and started to have soar throat, I gargled with Perfect Perio. Surprisingly, it worked and I did not develop a cold. My daughter never forgets gargling with Perfect Perio everyday to prevent cold, cavities and influenza so that she will be well prepared for entrance exams. Thanks to Perfect Perio, and thanks to Dr. Amano. We will continue using Perfect Perio to keep good oral hygiene.

Mr. Kono, U.S.A.

I currently live in the U.S.A. It’s been a month since I started using Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water that I bought in Japan during the visit. I used to have gum pain for a couple of days after eating hard foods such as dry squid, but it does not happen now at all. By the way, I am big on recycling. I pour used Perfect Perio solution into a toilet, and toilet odor goes away! It is a great product.

Ms. Tanaka, Sapporo-city, Hokkaido

I recently used Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water for the first time. I was not sure if I could use it because I had oral lichen planus for years. Because of the condition, I was sensitive to hot and spicy foods and drinks. It was actually milder than the gargle solution that I always used. I feel that my bad breath got much better. I am hoping that Perfect Perio will also cure my oral lichen planus.

Mr. Nakahara, Nagasaki-city, Nagasaki

I am certain that Perfect Perio is helping improve my oral health. Since I started using it, I noticed several positive changes. I now wake up with fresh breath, I have a better sense of taste than before using Perfect Perio, and my gums have stopped bleeding. I would like to maintain this good oral health. Therefore, I will continue using Perfect Perio.

Ms. Takasaki, Matsumoto-city, Nagano

For years, I had problems with bleeding gums. Because no treatment worked, I thought that I would have to live with it. Recently, I heard about Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water and decided to give it a try anyway. A couple of days after using it, my gums stopped bleeding!

Mrs. Yoshii, Imabari-city, Ehime

I first saw Perfect Perio on the television. To be honest, I was not expecting much coming out of the product. I would be happy if my bad breath could have been alleviated. For years, I had been suffering from gingivitis and severe cavities, which caused sensitivity to cold water; but I was avoiding getting treatment since my dentist once told me that the only treatment would be to extract the back teeth. I did not want to lose any teeth.

When I first used Perfect Perio, the inside of the mouth felt pins and needles sensation. I also noticed an unpleasant smell. About a week later, the sensation and smell became unnoticeable. Then, the toothaches from the cavities got milder and milder, and my teeth were no longer sensitive to cold water one month later. I am not sure if the cavities were gone, but it is certain that I now can chew soft or hard foods. It is amazing considering the fact that I had not been able to eat hard foods for ten years.

I am prone to canker sores. When hard foods are hitting the inside of the mouth, I easily get a blood blister which is later burst and very painful. By gargling with Perfect Perio, canker sores disappear without giving me a lot of trouble. Although I am aware of some negative comments online, Perfect Perio helps my condition improved. I will certainly keep on using it.

Mr. Yasuda, Musashino-city, Tokyo

Dear Dr. Amano: My dentist diagnosed me with gingivitis when I had so much pain in the swollen gums that I even could not use a toothbrush. I was shocked to hear that the dentist said, “It will be hard to treat it, and you may loose the teeth.” Soon after the diagnosis, I found Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water on Internet. It was about the same time that I first contacted you through e-mail. I was planning to visit Amano Dental Clinic as soon as I got my new insurance card. In the meanwhile, I started using Perfect Perio.

Today, I visited my dentist to finish up the cavity treatment and found out that the “gingivitis” was gone! According to the dentist, “The pain and swollen gums that you experienced at that time could be caused by shifted inlays of the back teeth. The inlays are fragile.” It was not gingivitis, but the problems were with the inlays. Part of the inlays were chipped off and irritated the surrounding gums. Without Perfect Perio, I would not know the real cause or would not have cured my swollen gums. Thank you, and I would like to place another order.

Ms. Suzuki, Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka

It has been three months since I started to use Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water. I do not have a sticky mouth now, and I feel refreshed everyday. My healthy gums are also back and support the teeth tightly.

Mr. Hagiwara, Kishiwada-city, Osaka

I have been suffering from bad breath for a long time. I am not sure how many dentists I have visited seeking for possible treatment, but no one could cure it. Due to my anxiety, I avoid going out as much as possible. Recently, I used Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water, and, for the first time, felt that my bad breath got better. Thus, I decided to go to Tokyo to receive Perfect Perio periodontal treatment at Amano Dental Clinic. While not completely cured yet, my wife says that my breath is not so noticeable as before. I can now go out without worrying about bad breath. I appreciate Perfect Perio saving me from psychological torture and bringing my life back.

Mrs. Kawata, Toyama-city, Toyama

I started using Perfect Perio about six months ago to treat bleeding gums. The gum conditions are better and they have stopped bleeding, too. I will continue to use Perfect Perio to maintain my healthy gums now and in the future.

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