Newspaper article about Perfect Perio
Perfect Perio
Newspaper article about Perfect Perio
Yomiuri Newspaper November 17, 2010 article

Electrolyzed hypochlorite water effective against H1N1

A research team at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University School of Dentistry conducted a research on Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water, which was developed by Dr. Munenori Noguchi, chief dentist of the Dental Salon Pandemic (Kayabashi, Oyama-city, Tochigi), and presented the findings at the 58th Japanese Society for Virology Conference held in Tokushima. The presentation discussed that Perfect Perio, which was originally designed to treat cavities and periodontal diseases, also has strong sterilization effects on the H1N1 flu virus. The disinfection process takes one minute for a traditional sanitizer, ethanol, whereas it takes only ten seconds for Perfect Perio. Because Perfect Perio is a mouthwash product, it can be applied in the mouth so that it can directly attack influenza virus in the throat. Perfect Perio is expected to be a breakthrough for flu prevention.

Dr. Junji Tagami (Cariology and Operative Dentistry), Dr. Shoji Yamaoka (Molecular Virology) and other faculty members of the university led the research team. They examined a relationship between Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water density and reaction time for inactivation of the H1N1 flu virus. First, the flu virus was incubated with the low substrate concentration of 200ppm of Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water for ten seconds. Perfect Perio inactivated 99.9 percent of the flu virus. They compared the finding with ethanol, a common ingredient in hand sanitizer. For ethanol, it takes one minute to inactivate the flu virus at the high substrate concentration level of 30 percent (300,000ppm). This study concluded that Perfect Perio is a powerful disinfectant product.

Looking into the virucidal effects of hypochlorite, Dr. Noguchi developed Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water specifically to treat periodontal diseases and cavities by electrolyzing the sodium carbonate solution. Approximately 380 dental clinics throughout Japan are currently using Perfect Perio products such as a mouthwash solution (250ppm) for periodontal disease prevention and a high-concentration disinfectant (650ppm) for cavity treatment. Dr. Noguchi said, “I feel honored that Perfect Perio has gained public attention not only in the dentistry, but also in the virology. I hope that researchers in both fields will continue conducting cooperative clinical studies in prevention of infectious diseases outbreak.”

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