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Perfect Perio, developed in 2005, is a sterilizing mouthwash to prevent cavities and gingivitis by applying it for 10 seconds. Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water kills the bacteria causing cavities and other periodontal diseases, and it is also an effective treatment for bad breath.

August 21, 2009

Perfect Perio was patented in Japan.

(Dental sterilizing water, and method and device for producing the water)

New and Improved 「Perfect Perio」
Introducing evolved mouthwash “Perio Treat”

Characteristics of Perfect Perio

Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water prevents cavities, bad breath, and removes plaque and provides more benefits than any other mouthwash products.

Kills bacteria completely

Because of its high level of bacteriolysis, Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water can break up biofilms, where bacteria causing cavities and other periodontal diseases reside.

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Easy to use

Perfect Perio Home Care is the best-suited treatment for mild gingivitis, periodontal diseases and gum inflammations. It is easy and effective. It requires only rinsing the mouth for ten seconds with 15ml of Perfect Perio three times a day after brushing. For patients with severely built-up plaque or with moderate to severe gingivitis and periodontal diseases, the in-clinic Perfect Perio periodontal treatment is strongly recommended.

Effective for a bad breath treatment

In many cases, bad breath is produced by bacteria from volatile sulfur compounds, and protein degradation in the mouth. Because Perfect Perio can kill the bacteria completely, it is a highly effective treatment for bad breath. Bad breath could be caused by other than periodontal diseases such as stomach and intestinal problems. In that case, Perfect Perio would help only relieve symptoms. In this case, an appropriate treatment for the origin of the problem should be taken.

Will not deteriorate teeth

Other product

Many mouthwashes may acidify the teeth after a long, regular use. For example, one of the most popular products in the world shows the high concentration of acidity (pH 4.3). It has been proven that liquid with higher than pH 5.5 of acidity could deteriorate the enamel coating of the teeth. In addition, research has concluded that this product could also harm normal cells in the mouth. Because Perfect Perio has an almost neutral pH balance, it will not damage the teeth.

Minimum impact on the body


The active ingredient in Perfect Perio component is similar to a human white blood cell. Unlike many other products containing antibiotics, you need not worry about side effects or allergic reactions. The Japan Food Research Laboratories has confirmed its safety.

Read the Perfect Perio report conducted by the Japan Food Research Laboratories

Proven effective

Research conducted by Tokyo Medical and Dental University has shown that “Perfect Perio can kill germs that cause cavities and periodontal diseases far better than other mouthwash products.” Many mouthwashes have not been scientifically endorsed; therefore, effects are not certain.


Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water is for everybody, including the elderly, pregnant women and children. Perfect Perio rarely has side effects such as emphysema and pulmonary oedema, which could be caused by many sterilizing products. Those with chlorine allergy, however, should consult with your doctor.

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Cavity prevention during orthodontic treatment

During an orthodontic treatment, braces and wires in the mouth make brushing difficult which often results in cavities and periodontal diseases. Perfect Perio is effective for cavity prevention.

Effective maintenance after implant treatment


Gum inflammation after having an implant is common because it is difficult to clean the space between an implant and the gum. In order to reduce the risk of getting gum inflammation, it is crucial to keep the space clean. Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water is easy to use and will be effective for good gum hygiene care.

About the Perfect Perio periodontal treatment

Amano Dental Clinic offers a special Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water treatment to patients with severely built-up plaque, and with mild to severe periodontal diseases or gingivitis. Benefits include:

Treatment completed for a short time

Ordinarily, a treatment for severe periodontal disease requires months of office visits in which the inside of the mouth is cleaned.

Because the in-clinic Perfect Perio treatment can provide high level of bacteriolysis, the number of office visits is tremendously reduced. Patients can normally be treated in one to three visits depending on severity or need. After the in-clinic treatment, patients should continue to use Perfect Perio at home. For severe periodontal diseases and gum recession due to malocclusion, additional crown or orthodontic treatments may be necessary.

Surgical gum treatment procedure rarely needed

For a treatment for moderate to severe periodontal diseases, it is common to apply a surgical procedure, called flap operation in which the gums are cut and opened to scrape the plaque and infected areas. An in-clinic Perfect Perio treatment can remove the plaque built up inside of the gums without surgery.

Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water works at the cellular level

Traditional periodontal treatments (a) scrape off plaque using machines, (b) kill the bacteria by applying laser to infected areas, or (c) use oral antibiotics. One problem, however, is that the periodontal bacteria count at the cellular level will be only slightly reduced after these types of treatments. Because the bacteria still reside in the gums, periodontal disease will most likely return. Moreover, professional mechanical tooth-cleaning (PMTC) may push periodontal bacteria into the blood stream during the procedure.

An in-clinic Perfect Perio treatment kills periodontal and cavity-producing bacteria at cellular levels with a microscopy. Therefore, the chance for recurring periodontal diseases is slim.

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How does Perfect Perio work?

Perfect Perio is an electrolyte containing hypochlorous acid (HCIO), which is the same disinfectant components found in white-blood cells, and sodium hydrogen carbonate, which can break up biofilms.

A biofilm is an aggregation of micro-organisms containing bacteria causing cavities and periodontal diseases. Breaking up the biofilms is a key to killing the bacteria completely, but it cannot be done with traditional mouthwash products.

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Perfect Perio can break up the biofilms and kill bacteria. Therefore, a high level of bacteriolysis can be achieved.

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Why is it important to disinfect the mouth?

Cavities and periodontal diseases are orally transmitted infections. A newborn baby does not carry periodontal bacteria. While growing up, a child starts to get infected with bacteria that the parent or other family members have.

baby mouth

By disinfecting with Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water, the mouth will return to the bacteria-free condition similar to the newborn baby.

Perfect Perio and other sterilizing water

Sterilizing water is developed to have the strong disinfectant effect. In recent years, it has been widely used in the medical field and has received a growing interest. Commonly used periodontal treatments include chemicals not shown by scientific research to reduce periodontal bacteria. Moreover, they may have high acidity or alkalinity, and may have adverse side effects.


Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water is not merely disinfecting the mouth. It is sterilizing and lysing bacteria causing cavities and periodontal diseases. Perfect Perio is the answer to those concerns.

Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water devices (Genuine Product by Noguchi Dental Medical Research Institute)

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New and Improved 「Perfect Perio」
Introducing evolved mouthwash “Perio Treat”
How to purchase

Perfect Perio electrolyzed hypochlorite water is considered as a sterilizing water product by Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, which means that you can purchase Perfect Perio without obtaining a prescription from a dentist. Please make sure to purchase the genuine Perfect Perio and read the instructions carefully in order to obtain maximum results.

New and Improved 「Perfect Perio」
Introducing evolved mouthwash “Perio Treat”

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