Gingivitis medicine
About gingivitis medicine
Gingivitis medicine

Commonly sold gingivitis medicine works as an anti-inflammatory, providing only temporal relief. Formerly, there was no gingivitis medicine with a fundamental approach to curing gingivitis. It was widely believed that gingivitis was caused by bacteria. The common treatment consisted of removing the bacteria built up between the teeth and gums by brushing the teeth.

However, the fungus Candida has been recently found to cause gingivitis. The gums of gingivitis patients are infected by Candida. Gingivitis treatments using antibiotics and anti-fungus medicine are now available.

Gingivitis medicine, Zithromax and Fungizone Syrup

Zithromax (Azithromycin) is an antibiotic that is especially effective for bacteroides bivius. The patient takes two pills once a day for three days. Because Zithromax delivers elevated and continual antibiotic levels to the infected area, its strong antibacterial action lasts seven to fourteen days.


Fungizone Syrup was not initially developed to treat gingivitis, but to eliminate excessive Candida overgrowth in the digestive tract. Fungizone Syrup, however, is poorly absorbed into the digestive tract. For a gingivitis treatment, apply Fungizone Syrup directly throughout the mouth after brushing the teeth. After leaving it for thirty minutes, swallow it for the best result.

Depending on the individual and seriousness of gingivitis, it takes about a week to see a result. For the maximum result, clean the teeth and remove tartar and plaque before using Fungizone Syrup.

Example of treatment (58-year-old male patient)
Gingivitis medicine
Before treatment

This patient had an advanced stage of gingivitis. Since severe symptoms of shifting teeth and swelling gums constantly appeared, he needed an integrated treatment. We first gave him the gingivitis medicines, Zithromax and Fungizone Syrup.

Gingivitis medicine
After treatment

The second photograph shows his teeth after the treatment. All of the teeth and gums were treated, and the teeth were connected with implant-supported bridges. The gingivitis medicine considerably improved gum conditions.

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