Quick orthdontic treatment, Speed Brackets
What are Speed Brackets (Damon System)?
orthodontic treatment

An orthodontic treatment used to take years. However, the speed brackets (product name: Damon System) technique shortens the orthodontic treatment time by using special springs.

Speed brackets utilize a self-ligating system. Its precision in tooth control reduced the friction between bracket and archwire to one percent of the traditional brackets. Accordingly, the teeth can be efficiently aligned, even with smaller force.

Known advantages of the Speed Brackets are:

● Quick result

Speed brackets give a result in far less time than traditional brackets.

● Simple procedure

Speed brackets simplify the procedure.

● Less office visits

Because few adjustments are needed, fewer visits are required. A treatment period could cut down months.

● Comfortable treatment

Because speed brackets are smaller than traditional brackets, it is easier to remove and clean the teeth.

How do Speed Brackets work?
Traditional brackets

Traditional brackets use elastic ties and wire to keep archwire in place, which causes strong frictions between the bracket and archwire. It also requires frequent adjustments.

Damon System

Speed brackets allow wires to slide back and forth within the brackets. This self-ligating system makes it possible to align the teeth with low friction.

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