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3Mix is a disinfecting procedure using three antibiotics. It can be used for cavity and endodontic treatments. It is especially effective when the nerve has to be removed in order to extract a cavity. 3Mix allows us to save the nerve, thus prolonging the life of the tooth.

3Mix is an effective and long-lasting cavity treatment, utilizing three antibiotics: metronidazole, minocycline and ciprofloxacin. The antibiotics are mixed with macrogol (M) and propylene glycol (P). A decayed tooth contains a lot of germs. It is said a billion germs live within one millimeter of plaque. More than one antibiotic is needed to eliminate all the germs.

● Painless treatment

Unlike other cavity treatments, 3Mix does not require the dentist to grind a tooth. As a result, a treatment is less painful. In some cases no anesthesia is required.

● Avoid removing the nerve

Because an infected tooth is disinfected, there is a higher possibility that we can avoid removing the nerve, even if the cavity is in an advanced stage.

● Remineralization of dentinal dentin

3Mix promotes the remineralizaion of dental dentin by disinfecting infected dentin.

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● Effective for endodontic diseases

3Mix helps disinfecting the root of a tooth.

Overview of 3Mix (in case of cavity)

A cavity treatment completely eliminates decayed dentin. However, if the nerve comes out, the 3Mix treatment intentionally leaves the dentin.

If everything goes well, the dentin gets completely disinfected and remineralized from months to one year.

(See the illustrations”3Mix and LSTR treatments)

Example of 3Mix (deep cavity)
X-ray before treatment

This patient sought a second opinion about a root canal. Based on an X-ray, the nerve had to be removed if the cavity was completely treated. Since there was not severe pain, we decided not to take the entire cavity out, and the leave the nerve with the 3Mix treatment.


The second photograph shows teeth before the treatment. The dyed pink part shows the cavity. We removed the cavity little by little until the patient started to have pain.

The yellow part shows the three antibiotics of 3Mix. The cavity right next to the nerve is saved. If the patient has no pain after filling the cavity, the treatment is completed. We will check the cavity after six months.

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Example of 3Mix (endodontic treatment)

This patient came to our clinic after being told that the teeth had to be removed. He had received a root treatment by another clinic, but the endodontic disease was not cured. This photograph clearly shows black sacks at the roots of two teeth. He always had dull pain.


The second photograph shows the teeth six months after being treated. The infected part became small, and the dull pain almost disappeared. The white part is the 3Mix medicament.

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