Free Tooth Brushing App "Brush'n'Save" by Active Dentist
With more than 27,000 downloads, What’s “Brush’n’Save”

This oral hygiene app was created by a practicing dentist who wanted to help his high school-age daughter get through life without cavities and periodontal disease.

As users continue brushing toward their savings goal, they will pick up good brushing habits naturally.tablets.

Tooth Brushing App
You can use “Brush’n’Save” for free

Although I originally created the app for my daughter, my hope is that it will be of use to ever greater numbers of people as a tool for learning proper brushing habits, so they may enjoy life without falling prey to cavities and periodontal disease.

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What this app can do:

1. Anyone (children, family members, or even yourself) who saw tooth-brushing as something of a hassle before will have a more proactive attitude toward oral hygiene.

2. As users continue brushing toward their savings goal, they will pick up good brushing habits naturally.

3. The once-monotonous act of daily brushing will feel like a game, helping the user keep brushing without losing interest.

4. For adults, too, the app helps users avoid missed spots, and helps prevent hypersensitivity that can be caused with typical side-to-side brushing.

5. By keeping the mouth clean, the user is more protected from cold and influenza viruses, which often enter through the mouth.

Features that set this app apart:

In this app, the brushing technique is based on up-and-down strokes. This is what many dentists recommend, because with up-and-down strokes, the user is less likely to miss spots or have hypersensitivity issues than with typical side-to-side brushing.


With realistic 3D images and spoken instructions, the app guides the user through the brushing process to help ensure that all areas of the teeth get good and clean.


The app also offers instruction on the use of dental floss and mouthwash, helping the user keep their mouth nice and clean.

A new concept! Building savings by tooth-brushing:

Many people are too busy or just can’t be bothered to practice good brushing habits.

The “savings” part of “Tooth-brushing savings” is like a virtual bank that lets users grow their accounts by brushing every day.

The idea is to encourage people to take a more proactive attitude toward oral hygiene.

Adults can reward children for continuing to brush with the app for a certain period without skipping.

The reward can be set at the beginning, and can be in the form of actual money or other item. (The app can also be used as just a tooth-brushing tool, without the savings function.)

Tooth Brushing App

The app is also designed to encourage users to use it every day. By reaching a certain number of days without skipping, the user can unlock special Gold and Silver tooth-brushing items.

These items can also be used on the actual tooth-brushing screens.

This can help make tooth-brushing more fun over the long term.

The meaning of this name “Brush ‘n’ Save”

The app name itself refers to the fact that users build virtual savings by brushing their teeth, and also to the fact that, by avoiding cavities and periodontal disease down the road, users will save money and time they might otherwise have spent on dental treatment.

A new concept of

For adults, setting rewards to work toward can help make daily brushing more fun.

My hope is that it will be of use to ever greater numbers of people as a tool for learning proper brushing habits.

What’s more, the app lets users select from among three settings for brushing time: Normal, Fast and Super Fast. At the Super Fast setting, you’ll be done in under 3 minutes. But to start out, we recommend you stick with the initial setting and brush along with the app, in which case the process will take around 8 minutes. That way, you’ll be less likely to miss any spots.

Brush ‘n’ Save has over 27,000 downloads. (Free)
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Developed and distributed by: Kiyoshi Amano (DDS/MS),
Amano Dental Clinic

The word “Save” is included in the app name because, if you don’t develop cavities or gum disease in the future, you can “save” the money and time you would otherwise spend on dental treatment.

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