Dr. Amano's Profile

1962 Born in Japan

1987 Received a D.D.S. degree from Tokyo Dental College

1989 Enrolled in Marquette University School of Dentistry, Wisconsin. U.S.A.

1993- Received a Master of Science in Dentistry (Prosthodontics)

Practice dentistry at Amano Dental Clinic in Toranomon, Minato-Ku,Tokyo.

The American Board of Prosthodontics, Board Certified

* Prosthodonitics deals with the restoration and replacement of teeth, including dental implants, crowns, bridges, and aesthetic dentistry.

Dr. Amano is also an amateur photographer who has received many awards

1983-1995 Annual Award in the Asahi Camera Annual Contest

1996 Ministry of Education Incentive Award in the Mainich Shimbun Photo Contest

1996-1998 Nihon Camera Annual Award

1997 Prime Minister Award in Mainichi Shimbun Photo Contest

1997-1998 Japan Professional Photographers Society (JPS) Incentive Award

1999 Best Prize in the Hikone Glass Art Gallery Contest

1999 JPS Copper Award

About my philosophy

Amano Dental Clinic is located in Toranomon in the Minato. My father founded the clinic in 1968. After having returned from the United States, I started practicing at the clinic in 1993. I take an individual approach. Everyone has different teeth. Any single treatment is unique.

I would like to help clients enjoy their daily lives with healthy teeth. It is essential to have healthy teeth for personal well-being. Beautiful smile brings enjoyable days.

Providing excellent treatment requires not only technical skills, but also artistic eyes. As a photographer, I developed a sense for aesthetic beauty. Everybody should enjoy their beautiful smile.