Dental Second opinion
About a dental second opinion

If you are lucky, you do not need to seek a second opinion. It is not rare to question the diagnosis and treatment plan that you are receiving. Although many hesitate to get a second opinion in Japan, it has been common in the United States. More and more hospitals and dental clinics have started establishing outpatient centers that specialize in giving second opinions. Some doctors recommend that a patient seek a second opinion.

The following example is of a patient who sought a second opinion after being told that the tooth had to be removed. We could treat the tooth without extracting it after all.

Example of treatment
Second opinion

The patient sought a second opinion about a cracked root. The cracked root was clearly seen after removing a metal core (the lower part of the root shown in the photograph). Fortunately the crack had not extended to the tip of the root, and we were able to insert a fiber-resin core.

Second opinion

The second photograph was taken after inserting the fiber-resin core. The core was bonded to the tooth to prevent further cracking. Also, crown lengthening was performed to reposition the gum line. Then the tooth was sustained with a crown.

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