We received the following feedback from our patients.

Mr. Kenji Mizumoto, Saitama-city, Saitama

Because I always had a lot of cavities since I was child, I had given up having beautiful teeth. My mouth was full of deep decay. Because I couldn’t chew the food well, I had stomach problems also. I have seen to a couple of dentists. All dentists told me that the teeth had to be removed and replaced with a denture. I chose not to see any more dentists in order to avoid loosing my teeth as young as 40 years old.

I couldn’t believe that Dr. Amano said, “We should try to keep as many teeth as possible so that you won’t have to wear a denture.” It took more than two years to complete the treatment because I had to stop the treatment for a while due to my schedule. However, I am glad that I pursued the treatment. I didn’t loose a single tooth. I have gained my normal weight since I can eat regularly. My current concern is how big my pants’ size will get.

Mr. Hitoshi Kihara, Toyoshima-ku, Tokyo

I am a singer. I always felt uneasy about discoloration of my old crowns and gums when I was singing in front of audience. I also had bad breath. I received a treatment at Amano Dental Clinic. After the gum treatment, my front teeth were replaced with crowns that won’t discolor the gum. Fillings of the back teeth were also replaced with ceramics. My gums returned to the normal pinkish color, and the bad breath disappeared. I will now be able to open my mouth and sing with confidence.

Mr. Senji Mineoka, Funabashi-city, Chiba

I have had a lot of cavities since I was young. I have gone to a lot of dentists to fix one cavity or another, but I was never satisfied. I visited Amano Dental Clinic to receive comprehensive treatments for gingivitis and cavities. It was long and expensive, but I feel better while eating. Because I live far from the clinic, they arranged my treatment to be longer each visit and less frequently. Thank you for the consideration.

Mr. Tetsuro Shimizu, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

I frequently go to Mongolia for photo shoots. Many of Mongolian foods are hard, and it was very difficult for me to chew because my mouth is a full of cavities. All of my teeth were completely treated with a six-month comprehensive treatment at Amano Dental Clinic. Being able to voraciously eat solid Mongolian meat, I now enjoy my wild life in Mongolia. Thanks to Amano Dental Clinic.

* Mr. Shimizu writes about Mongolian foods before and after the treatment. To read the story, click here.

Ms. Morita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

I have gone to many dental clinics and university hospitals for a TMJ treatment. After being told that I should try splint therapy for a while to see what would happen, I almost gave up on treating my TMJ. Dr. Amano found out that my lower jaw was shifted to the left, and the upper and lower teeth occlusions were dropped. In order to correct the occlusions, more than then teeth had to be grinded and crowns placed.

After the treatment my jaw muscle was sore for a while. It took about 2-3 months to get used to the new bite. TMJ symptoms, such as shoulder pain and headache, now disappeared. Thank you very much.

Ms. Horiuchi, Yokohama-city, Kanagawa

When my crown came off, I was told that the tooth had to be removed and replaced with a bridge or implant because tooth decay was too big for a crown. I was looking for a second opinion. My friend recommended Amano Dental Clinic. They saved the tooth only by performing a gum treatment. I am glad that I sought a second opinion.

Ms. Sasada, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

I started wearing a denture ten years ago. I don’t know how much I spent to find a well-fitted denture. I lost my appetite because my mouth was inflamed. I couldn’t believe when Dr. Amano told me that I would not have to wear a denture any more. It took about one year for gingivitis and endodntic treatments. My appetite is back to normal, and I feel that I am healthier that I ever was. Thanks to Amano Dental Clinic.

Ms. Ohno, Narita-city, Chiba

I was having a lot of teeth problems, and I had to go back to a dentist again and again for years. I was referred to Dr. Amano one day. Although the clinic is far, I was desperate to have my teeth fixed.

Dr. Amano first made a treatment plan. Because I could visit the clinic one a month, he arranged hours of an intensive treatment per visit. I now enjoy my life without thinking about the teeth all the time. My friends sometimes comment that I have beautiful teeth.

Mr. Sato, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

My denture had been replaced many times, but it still had problems with it. It was painful while eating. When I visited Amano Dental Clinic, I received a two-hour emergency treatment. I started to eat well even after the treatment. The treatments are comprehensive covering from gingivitis to crowns and dentures. After more than six months of treatment, the persist pain unbelievably disappeared. It was expensive, but happiness that could be brought with the healthy teeth is just priceless. I am delighted that I could finally have trouble-free teeth.

Mr. Sugihara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

I always had uneven teeth since I was even small. Maybe because of that, I often got cavities. My gums recently started to bleed. I was told that the only way that I could prevent cavities is to brush the teeth carefully. There didn’t seem to have any other solutions.

Dr. Amano suggested that my teeth be straightened in order to avoid getting any more cavities. I am in my mid-thirties. I thought that I was too old to receive the orthodontic treatment, but I decided to take his advice. Braces first bothered me in a great deal, but I got used to wearing them after the first month. It took about one and a half years to complete the treatment. I am now proud of my beautiful teeth.

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